Our Story

In 2015, Nancy Wells founded AbleTalks with the goal of establishing independent continued education for young adults with autism and other disabilities. Based in Fayetteville and currently servicing the Northwest Arkansas region, the pilot program of AbleTalks launched in June 2015.

At its core, the AbleTalks program is inspired by the day-to-day experiences, obstacles, and triumphs of the young adults in Nancy’s life, including her daughter Molly who is currently in the process of the very life transition that AbleTalks aims to support.

Here’s her story on the dinner conversation that started it all:

“It was a passionate discussion of how people with autism are sold short on their abilities and aspirations. They had goals that were more than mere employment. Though they recognized there were barriers, they desired careers that punctuate their talents and interests. And we believe that they, too, are entitled to such dreams.”