What We Do


The AbleTalks program is tailored to young adults with autism and other disabilities. We aim to maximize independence for our students during this time of transition.

Social Benefits

Participating in the AbleTalks program provides our students with individualized support, intellectual freedom, and opportunities to interact with peers.

Family Impact

We work to connect with local families searching for the best next step for their self-motivated student who may need help making personal and career choices during times of transition.

Three-Tiered Program

Each Able student’s career goal is as unique as they are. Because of learning differences and capabilities, the path to a fulfilling career will often involve an alternative track. But thinking outside the box is comfortable for an Able student. We focus on possibilities. The Able team begins at the goal and works its way backwards, breaking down expected steps into achievable objectives.

  • Independent Study
  • Group Discussion & Goal-Setting
  • Work/Life Measurement